Mission and values



Ideas, knowledge, energy, and risk taking (and not titles or positions) are our drivers. Anybody who has them, has the right to decide. We are not a democracy, where everybody has a say in every decision, but a high performing team, where everybody has the right and the obligation to do what he is best at.

Total Information

We are an open book company. Our employees have access to all business information. Every decision is published immediately. We openly share information with all our business partners.

Fair Sharing

In the long run only balanced relationships can be successful. Therefore we always seek to share evenly, material things as well as feedback. With our business partners we deal in a way that we do not take advantage in situations where they are dependent on us and expect the same from our partners.

Dynamic Development

In contrast to the common Tayloristic view of "stable functioning" we believe that everything is on the move. Every team member has to teach someone else his current task requirements to make himself dispensable and ready for the next task. All our relationships as well as our thinking habits are subject to improvements, all the time.