Especialista em Sensor de Movimento e Posição

A POSITAL é uma fabricante de sensores para controle de movimento e sistemas de controle de segurança. Os produtos da empresa, incluindo codificadores rotativos, inclinômetros e sensores de posição lineares, são usados em uma ampla gama de configurações, desde a fabricação até mineração, da agricultura até energia. A POSITAL é um membro do grupo internacional FRABA.



Wiegand Technology Enters the Next Cycle in its Evolution

UBITO is a new brand of the FRABA Group to take Wiegand Technology into large new market segments. Over the last fifteen years and under the brand POSITAL, significant expertise and a strong team has been built focusing on Wiegand wire production and the application of Wiegand Sensors in multiturn rotary encoders. The brand name UBITO brings to mind the word ‘ubiquitous’ and the concept of reaching far and wide. By combining references to the latin words ‘Ubi’ (where) and ‘Ito’ (imperative of “to go”), the name indicates the drive for Wiegand Technology to spread across a wide and growing field of applications.

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Digitalization Platform for High Complexity, Low Volume Manufacturing

CREDEMUS supports and supplies a comprehensive manufacturing control system which adopts the highly efficient ‘mass customization’ manufacturing methodology within a cloud computing infrastructure. This system, aimed at mid-sized manufacturing companies, includes production management software, order fulfillment platform, and consulting support.

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Cognitive Door Motion

For 30 years, we were creating safety systems for industrial doors. We have taken this knowledge and applied it to our new line of products. CODORMO aims at revolutionizing the automation of commercial doors. Preventive maintenance, machine learning and internet of things are a few of the pillars of our innovations. Door manufacturers, installers and system integrators can all benefit from the unique advantages our products offer; increased mechanical lifetime, identification of quality issues, remote maintenance, remote software updates and more!

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